The Conjuring | Review

This film succeeds where many other horror movies fail at miserably. This creepy story is  based on true events. The story revolves around the haunting of a house recently purchased by the Perron family. Two paranormal investigators, Ed Warren and Lorrain Warren reluctantly take the case. The Warren’s find that this is not the typical hoax they usually receive and is actually one of the worse cases they have seen in a long time.

When I think of today’s horror movies, I automatically get bad ideas.  I just imagine cliche scenes of cheap scares from ridiculousy loud and shrieking bass with monsters magically appearing. That’s why I usually stray away from the horror genre unless I hear some good word of mouth.  The Conjuring is a film that redefines my idea of what a horror movie should be.

The movie manages to flow very naturally and keep up the suspense to the very end. It helped a lot that the cast of the movie, all had solid acting abilities. Vera Farmiga’s portrayal of the clairvoyant Lorrain Warren was uncanny. Some scenes she didn’t even need to say anything. Just the look in her eye often showed many emotions and depth.

This film touches your primeval fears of darkness which everyone had growing up as kid. It becomes really easy to relate to the Perron family, when you yourself are kept wondering if any shadow in this film could hold a possible demon.  The young actress Joey King played the part of a terrified young girl to the tea.

In addition this film had some excellent special effects. The camera work and costume designs of the dead in this film helped me stay immersed into the movie and kept the hair on my arm raised. I haven’t watched a horror movie in a long time; that actually had me second guessing and left in anticipation after almost every scene. So If you’re sitting there about to put another random modern paranormal activity in your Blu-Ray player, Stop. Give this movie a try and you won’t be disappointed.

This movie is the definition of a good horror movie and solidifies my review score of


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Spring Breakers| Review


Just from the opening scene of Spring Breakers, I had this feeling that I would be watching a over sexualized teen-college film. I wasn’t entirely wrong. While the movie had some redeeming quality and acting moments,  the story wasn’t substantial enough for me to take seriously.  If I have to give this movie anything, it had some really visually stunning colors and of course plenty of eye candy to go around.

The cast of the movie includes four beautiful ladies(Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Corine) with a surprise role from James Franco as rapper and gangster.  The premise of the movie is a group of young girls head out on a journey of self-discovery and find themselves thrown into a world of crime and luxury. As the story unfolds, you are revealed how each of the girls deal with immersing in this new life. Selena Gomez perhaps played the best role out of the girls. That not being much of a compliment, considering…

But the girls all played their roles pretty good. If they were aiming to be superficial promiscuous Americans  than they hit the part right on the head. Ala- Some of these scenes were a bit cringe worthy, it seems they were aiming to teach some type of lesson from the mindless parties. I have a feeling some people will just find half this movie to be an overload to the senses.

I actually feel bad for James Franco. I was hoping to see him in some more serious roles that would broaden his acting spectrum. But not this one.., His portray of rapper and gangsta was actually enjoyable to watch. He brought some charisma even through his evil nature. Which made you kind of confused of how to react to his manipulation of the girls. He took on the role like a champ but even that  wasn’t enought to be the saving grace for this film.

The last strike for this movie would have to be the ending which was too ludicrous to appreciate. And that brings me to my review score of


Homeland Season 3: Episode 4|Review

In this week’s episode of Homeland, many events have taken place that kept me on the edge of my seat. Carrie has been in a mental institution for quite some time now. It’s easy to relate to her after you see how the how hospital changes people after being iinstitutionalized for too long.  |SPOILERS|The episode begins with Carrie being kept awake by another patient refusing medication and being forcefully sedated in her bed by a group of orderlies. Later on in the episode, the importance of this scene is brought to life when Carrie walks by that patient in the hall. The patient is in a wheelchair now and his heavily medicated to the point of comatose.

Her frustrations become more real after being denied discharge in front of the board committee despite being cleared by the staff as being mentally ready to leave the facility. You can feel the desperation  in her character when she realized that the agency is going to find ways to keep her there because they have classified her as a risk. After the hearing, she goes to her room and robotically takes the medication from the orderly and swallows it in frustration. This scene makes me wonder just how much can she take? How much longer can she be on lithium until she turns into that patient she saw in the hallway? Claire Danes continues to impress me with her acting ability.

Fortunately, in a change of events Carrie finds that she has been released by a court order. Her freedom is short lived when she finds who let her out . It’s the same guy who approached her before, who she suspects of working for a foreign country. She agrees with him on a sit down because the terms of her release turn out to be temporary unless she agrees on a meeting with this client. It turns out as she expected that the client did represent Iran and in order to stay out of the hospital she would have to divulge information on how their people were targeted. She refused at first to agree to being a traitor but In Carrie’s state of vulnerability, she changes her mind. It’s easy to sympathize with her change of mind. Why should she protect the same people that don’t care whether she rots in a hospital or not? The episode ended in plot twist that rattled my mind.

When she gets to Saul, It is revealed that everything is she has done up to this point has been to get a meeting with this client from Iran. Carrie endured so much to serve her country from character defamation to being institutionalized. The episode concludes with Carrie crying in Saul’s arms. This show reaches all new levels of espionage and solidifies my review score.


P.S- I need some Brody in my life. Looking forward to the next episode.

Alan Wake: Review

Alan Wake is a action horror game that does everything solid. The graphics are pretty good for a game that came out in 2010. The vegetation and environments are what really shine in this game. The cut-scenes graphics were actually worse than the in-game graphics for some reason. Which was odd but perhaps it is because I’m playing it on the PC and it was ported. Though the game could become repetitive at times, it kept you on suspense because of the scarcity of ammo and the way light was incorporated into the game with so much importance. The core of the game was staying out of the dark. The subtle things of this game is what i really enjoyed.

I recall one time when I was exploring a cabin looking for ammo and collectibles when I saw a dark figure scurry past the window. My thought were that this would be a common occurrence but nothing like that ever happened again. The game remained fresh in it’s scares. The enemies actually try to sneak up on you. I came to this realization when i turned around once in the game and saw a dark figure weaving through cars that disappeared once i looked at him. That kept me doing 360 turns for a while in paranoia. The way Alan Wake monologues his thoughts into the game make for a more interesting narrative and draws similarities to Remedy Studios earlier works with Max Payne. Overall the game was really enjoyable but my one griping is the ending. I’m not usually the guy who gripes on endings because I like it when writers make endings a little ambiguous so people can have their own interpretations. Alan Wake ending left me a little bit too perplexed to a point that actually takes off a few points to my review .


Beyond: Two Souls | Review- PS3’s Last Good Exclusive?

Beyond: Two souls was a very engaging game. What the the blockbuster story brings to the table makes up for the lack of game-play. This may be a turn off for many players that were expecting to have more control in some game-play aspects. The game gave you many options in decision making but overall the game was pretty linear. The story is not told  in chronological order so that may be confusing for some people. I personally liked the way it was told because it covered times in Jodie Holme’s(Protagonist)  life in a flashback style that brought meaning to her character and her decisions. At times the romance seemed force but you were given the decision for the most part. The game keeps you on your feet with countless twist and turns.

In addition to a fun single player experience This game make a great co-op experience. I played it with my brother and thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually believed this game is made for the duo experience.

The motion capture that was used to create the animations of the game play and character emotions was top notch. This game has some of the best graphics that I have seen to date on Consoles.  The character models done by Quantum Dream were excellent. The likeness of characters and photo realism of this game makes me wonder what’s in store for us for the upcoming generation. Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe Score for this game was very moving and compelling. The voice acting done by Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page, and the cast of Beyond was top-notch.

Many game developers are now moving to make video games a richer story telling medium. I believe this is evident when you look at how much more interactive stories in video games have become over the years.

Just to name a few that are fresh in my mind which are good Examples: Tell Tales- The Walking Dead, Star War: The Old Republic,With Controversy- Mass Effect, Deux Ex Human Revolution, and David Cage’s works.

I often think of a recent game By The FullBright Company called Gone Home; that is a interactive exploration game where the story is told by reading journals and listening to tapes. It gives me hope when games like Gone Home can receive critical acclaim but at the same time it doesn’t bother me when games like this receive mixed reviews. Just in the fact that games like these are being played and talked about is a sign that our ideas of what a video game is are really being questioned.

Beyond: Two Souls. Beyond: Two Souls is a interactive experience that delves into the Supernatural and also questions ideas about life and death. If you are looking for a game that is quite not like anything you are used to than I would suggest you to check out Beyond.

Freaks and Geeks: Review

Freaks and Geeks is a show that had so much potential but it’s full potential was stunted when NBC cancelled the fan favorite. The show was too realistic and dark for primetime television in an era where shows like Dawson Creek and 7th Heaven reigned. The shows had an ensemble cast which consisted of many young actors who moved on to do big things. Some of the shows noticeable cast members included Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, and more.


The show follows the story arc of two siblings in high school; Lindsay Weir and her little brother Sam Weir . Lindsay who up to this point in school has been the model honor roll student has begun to question her purpose in life and deviate from her expected role. She finds herself hanging out and relating with the “Freaks” of the school. While her brother Sam deals with the label of being known as a geek and trying to overcome the label.

tumblr_kp7u3haOh41qzjiplo1_400The show captures the angst of  being a teenager. It captures the “glory days” of self-discovery. It did a good job of redefining ideas of love and romance that young people dealt with. It also covered the theme of homosexuality.

It’s a shame the show went off the air. I didn’t know what to do with myself after I marathoned the whole season in the time span of about 4 days. I found myself trying to test out other TV shows that Judd Apotow was a part of but nothing came near to the feeling of Freaks and Geeks. It remains a timeless classic and I highly recommend it to you if you haven’t watched it yet.


The Rainmaker: Netflix Movie Nights

I hold the belief that the late 90s was the golden age of cinema. I often find myself going back to find hidden gems of the past. It’s hard to argue with notable movies such as Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, LA Confidential, American History X, The Matrix, and the list goes on.

This weekend I opened up Netflix and saw a recommendation for The Rainmaker and saw that it had pretty good user reviews. I asked myself how bad could it be? It came from the 90s. I was not not disappointed with the movie.

The story of the Rainmaker followed the life an aspiring lawyer, Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon)who has yet to to pass the bar exam and finds himself unemployed and finds work under a crooked law firm boss : who is played by Mickey Rourke. The story’s main theme is that of moral ethics and the problem with trying to disconnect yourself from your clients by not becoming emotionally attached.

That becomes impossible for Rudy Baylor because his first clients include a dying leukemia patient who is denied insurance and a  beautiful young Claire Danes who plays Kelly Rike a victim of reoccurring and gradually worsening domestic abuse.

My final thoughts are The Rainmaker is an excellent Netflix movie you should  watch on the weekend. I enjoyed it very much. It’s all about the 90s baby.