The Rainmaker: Netflix Movie Nights

I hold the belief that the late 90s was the golden age of cinema. I often find myself going back to find hidden gems of the past. It’s hard to argue with notable movies such as Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, LA Confidential, American History X, The Matrix, and the list goes on.

This weekend I opened up Netflix and saw a recommendation for The Rainmaker and saw that it had pretty good user reviews. I asked myself how bad could it be? It came from the 90s. I was not not disappointed with the movie.

The story of the Rainmaker followed the life an aspiring lawyer, Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon)who has yet to to pass the bar exam and finds himself unemployed and finds work under a crooked law firm boss : who is played by Mickey Rourke. The story’s main theme is that of moral ethics and the problem with trying to disconnect yourself from your clients by not becoming emotionally attached.

That becomes impossible for Rudy Baylor because his first clients include a dying leukemia patient who is denied insurance and a  beautiful young Claire Danes who plays Kelly Rike a victim of reoccurring and gradually worsening domestic abuse.

My final thoughts are The Rainmaker is an excellent Netflix movie you should  watch on the weekend. I enjoyed it very much. It’s all about the 90s baby.