Stoker: Review

The story of Stoker starts off relatively simple. Following the death of her father, India’s( Mia Wasikowska) uncle moves into their home and India senses something is quite not right about him. I’m a big fan of Park Chan-Wook and his vengeance trilogy- especially a big fan of Oldboy. I expected some debatable ethics and controversy that usually follow viewing some of his films.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid Park Chan’s vision of this movie didn’t quite translate well into a U.S screenplay. The acting performance by Mia Wasikowska was brilliant and Matthew Goode was very note-worthy. That was still not enough to cover the character flaws. It’s basically impossible to sympathize for characters who make seemingly erratic decisions with no explanation in the movie.

This leads to a very convoluted plot. A film that has a lot of potential to be a emotionally stimulating movie, falls through in the end. You ultimately just finish the movie thinking “WTH did I just watch”.Overall it was a disturbing and dark film that kept me watching but it’s biggest downfall is that it is a forcibly artsy film that tries to push the bounds just a bit too far.

Kudos to Mia Wasikowska for a great performance. Looking to see more from her. The movie isn’t all that bad. If you are going to watch it, I would not recommend watching this movie with your friends. They will probably think you are a weirdo.


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