Man of Steel: Review

Knowing that this movie was being produced by Zack Snyder, I had to go out and see this baby. I’m a big fan of his work with “The Watchmen” so I was looking forward to a more cynical and dark approach to superman. The movie tells the back story of Superman, in the beginning of the film, which was nice. I assumed they were just going to start off on earth.

The fighting scenes in this movie were top notch. I really like the villains in this movie.  There were some things in hindsight that I realized about the film. One of those things were the 3D, the 3d didn’t seem to pop for me. I actually found myself taking my glasses off to make sure that it was 3d, in the beginning of the movie. Another thing was I felt the romance in this movie was a bit  rushed.

Besides those gripes, Man of Steel  still has enough action and story with more emotional depth than most Superhero movies to deserve a watch at theaters. I would watch it in 2D though to save some money.


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