After Earth: Review

Originally, I didn’t know how I will feel about watching a movie where Will Smith and his son are in the same movie. It sort of felt like self-promoting on Will Smith’s part to try and get his family name out there. After watching it, It wasn’t that bad I suppose. It had some decent cg but some of the green screening looked weird. Example- When Will Smith was saluting the guy in the floating wheelchair. The background looked really fake. Besides the visuals, the movie was mostly about Jaden. Will Smith didn’t play a major role. The ending wasn’t climatic as I thought it would be. Besides that it was a solid movie with decent acting by Jaden but I would wait for this movie to come out on bluray/dvd. It’s a good movie if you have a family but nothing you would want to watch alone. Me personally, I can’t watch movies with child actors and take it serious.


  1. Great review. I know I’m alone on this boat, but I actually didn’t mind this flick as much. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but at least it was better than what I expected coming from M. Night.

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