Crysis 1: Retro Review

Crysis being heralded as one of the most game changing games for the PC, I couldn’t help but delve into the PS3 version and see what all the talk was about. The story for the game is pretty good. The story starts off with the United States sending in a special forces team to recover scientist that were taken hostage. After figuring out that North Korea are trying to harness the power of the alien technology, United states invades North Korea.

Story:  The story starts off slow but picks up and becomes more interesting during later missions as you uncover more about the North Koreans plans.

Graphics: The visuals of Crysis on the PS3, although not as good as PC-still stack up with current console games that just released. My most noticeable gripe is draw distance issues with textures popping.

Game-play: This is where the game shined. The game-play was fun and that’s all that matters. I really enjoyed the customization you could do with you weapons on the fly. Your suit’s powers played a unique part during combat which made  most battles more enjoyable.

I would recommend you to play this game on the PS3/360, if you don’t have the PC for it. It’s a fun game.


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