The Last Of Us: Review

Hiding behind a desk you frantically attempt to craft a weapon that can increase your chances for what is to come. You listen intently for what danger lies in the dark. Confronting your enemies won’t always work. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that survival is the only real goal. The Last of Us is a game about survival, friendship, and the acceptance that in this phenomenal  universe there is nothing either good or bad. The story of  The Last of Us is a huge departure from Naughty Dog’s previous titles.

Where the Uncharted serious is known for its amazing set pieces, action sequences, witty dialogue, and Raiders of The Lost Ark type characters-TLOU goes for the complete opposite. The story is paced deliberately and slowly. The world is extremely grim at times with small segments of humor but it is constantly overshadowed by the characters of the game. Who are basically only in it for one thing; Themselves. TLOU spans about a year traveling across the U.S. Joel and Ellie the main characters of the game are fantastic contrast to each other. Joel only talks when he really needs to. Ellie can’t seem to stop talking. She is a curious and brash kid who was born into the horrible world.  Ellie meets Joel and and they soon find themselves on an expedition across vast dangerous lands.

The game-play in TLOU is truly a masterpiece. Never has a game felt so right while being so incredibly lopsided. The infected in the game can kill you in seconds. Every decision you make is vital to your survival. Where most games give you a certain sense of invulnerability. TLOU forces you to quickly react to a situation or meet a gruesome and gory death. Bullets are  scarce and you have to manage your resources. The suspense I felt from every encounter was nothing I’ve felt in a long time. The sound in this game incredible. Every gunshot ripped through the darkness of the world with an authentic punch.

Ambiance in the environment and sound effects for things such as footsteps was top notch.  Listening for clickers(type of infected in the game) or bandits was stressful and a legitimate real tactic, I’ve never seen done so effectively before. When game-play mechanics revolve around the sound design you know you have something special. The voice actors did an incredible job and you actually care about these characters. Not to mention the downright mind blowing soundtrack. The story of The Last of us draws you in, the game-play continually impresses over and over, and the characters stay with you long after your done. All we can do now is hope the series continues in some form on PS4.

Man of Steel: Review

Knowing that this movie was being produced by Zack Snyder, I had to go out and see this baby. I’m a big fan of his work with “The Watchmen” so I was looking forward to a more cynical and dark approach to superman. The movie tells the back story of Superman, in the beginning of the film, which was nice. I assumed they were just going to start off on earth.

The fighting scenes in this movie were top notch. I really like the villains in this movie.  There were some things in hindsight that I realized about the film. One of those things were the 3D, the 3d didn’t seem to pop for me. I actually found myself taking my glasses off to make sure that it was 3d, in the beginning of the movie. Another thing was I felt the romance in this movie was a bit  rushed.

Besides those gripes, Man of Steel  still has enough action and story with more emotional depth than most Superhero movies to deserve a watch at theaters. I would watch it in 2D though to save some money.


Crysis 1: Retro Review

Crysis being heralded as one of the most game changing games for the PC, I couldn’t help but delve into the PS3 version and see what all the talk was about. The story for the game is pretty good. The story starts off with the United States sending in a special forces team to recover scientist that were taken hostage. After figuring out that North Korea are trying to harness the power of the alien technology, United states invades North Korea.

Story:  The story starts off slow but picks up and becomes more interesting during later missions as you uncover more about the North Koreans plans.

Graphics: The visuals of Crysis on the PS3, although not as good as PC-still stack up with current console games that just released. My most noticeable gripe is draw distance issues with textures popping.

Game-play: This is where the game shined. The game-play was fun and that’s all that matters. I really enjoyed the customization you could do with you weapons on the fly. Your suit’s powers played a unique part during combat which made  most battles more enjoyable.

I would recommend you to play this game on the PS3/360, if you don’t have the PC for it. It’s a fun game.


Review: Arrested Development Season 4

We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for Arrested Development new season of AD on Netflix. When I first started watching the show I couldn’t wait for the things that made this series so popular. The plot of the new season of Arrested Development was extremely wide in scope and complex. Maybe a bit too complex. In the previous seasons of Arrested development. Time was extremely constrained and you could see how they  tried to fit in every possible joke or comedic twist in almost every possible moment. This made the shows  story flow very erratically but it was done in a way where you were always on your toes. The new season followed a different episode design in which every episode was done focused around a specific character. This didn’t work as well as it should have leading to so very lopsided favoritism on my part for certain characters.

Focusing on one character is fine and dandy in trying to catch up the viewer to what has happened since the last season but it also brought to light that some characters just aren’t that funny on their own. What made AD so funny previously was the crazy interactions of every family member to each other. The story was very clever and intricate but ended in a very anticlimactic manner. Hurwitz might have done this to leave open the possibility for the AD film he always wanted to do. This season was definitely funny and certain characters still retain their charm and appeal. Michael, George Michael, Gob, Lucille 2, and George Oscar Bluth were my favorites but the other characters left me wanting more out of them. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably can’t resist watching the new season. I suggest doing it in moderation and not binging. The tempo of the show has slowed down and has allowed for some interesting changes to it’s form of comedy but the basic DNA of AD is still there. Lets all hope the movie is greenlit so AD can live on!

After Earth: Review

Originally, I didn’t know how I will feel about watching a movie where Will Smith and his son are in the same movie. It sort of felt like self-promoting on Will Smith’s part to try and get his family name out there. After watching it, It wasn’t that bad I suppose. It had some decent cg but some of the green screening looked weird. Example- When Will Smith was saluting the guy in the floating wheelchair. The background looked really fake. Besides the visuals, the movie was mostly about Jaden. Will Smith didn’t play a major role. The ending wasn’t climatic as I thought it would be. Besides that it was a solid movie with decent acting by Jaden but I would wait for this movie to come out on bluray/dvd. It’s a good movie if you have a family but nothing you would want to watch alone. Me personally, I can’t watch movies with child actors and take it serious.

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Review

Safety Not Guaranteed tells the story of three employees of a magazine who go on a journey to write an extraordinary story. The story is about a man by the name of Kenneth Calloway(Mark Duplass), who claims he needs a partner for time travel in a classified ad. The story starts off in the offices of a Seattle magazine company. The magazine is running out of interesting ideas for pieces to write for their publication . Darius Britt(Audrey Plaza), an intern for the magazine, finds herself tagging along on this trip . Her boss, Jeff  Schwensen(Jake Johnson), pitches his idea to write the story when he comes across a classified ad. The classified ad reads:

WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid when we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.

Jeff  Schwensen volunteers the help of his two interns, Darius Britt and Arnou(Karan Soni). What initially starts off as a work trip turns into a trip of self-discovery.

Coming from her comedic role as a jaded public official in CBS’s Parks and Recreation, Audrey Plaza fits the role well as a cynical intern . This movie doesn’t really have much comedic relief but the few funny parts involving her were fun to watch. It was intriguing to see her character’s cynical side made into a believer. She has a quirky personality type that works well with Mark Dupluss’s. Mark Duplass’s portrayal of a man who thinks he can travel in time is interesting. His paranoid antics are hilarious on screen. He plays a really likable character.  Even if he’s possibly crazy,  it’s hard not to want to root for him.

A character that I didn’t like that much in this movie was Arnou. His character follows a formula that’s pretty cliche in Hollywood. We see this theme occuring repeatedly in comedies. They add in a story about an socially inept person who somehow manages to get the girl . His role in the movie would have been a little more passable if there was more character development for him. To top it off, the viewers aren’t told much about his past at all. He did help in character development in some regards. The purpose he did serve was as a good insight into Jeff Schwensen’s character. Jeff’s feelings of nostalgia made him want to help Arnou embrace his youth. Though, I don’t think he does it for Arnou but rather for himself.

Jake Johnson is currently starring in Fox’s comedy,The New Girl. He plays a more serious role in this film as Jeff than he’s  best known for. On this road trip, Jeff battles with the harsh realities of his mortality. He realizes he’s not getting any younger and his past perceptions of love perhaps need to be reevaluated. His portrayal of a man living in the past was heartening and relatable; especially towards the end of the film as he started to come to terms with himself.

Coming from the people that made Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed manages to takes some notes  but doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Where Little Miss Sunshine  succeeded was obvious ‘in your face’ humor whereas Safety Not Guaranteed dabbled in a more dry subtle humor. Because of this, It struggles to be a good blend of comedy and drama. Regardless of it’s faults, Safety Not Guaranteed turns out be an unexpectedly decent movie.


Review Score 6.8/10

The Walking Dead ‘Made to Suffer’ Review

The Walking Dead is arguably one of the best shows on basic cable. Justifiably so, the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead is proof of this with more than 10.5 million people turning in to watch. Everything we could expect for a season finale, we received  from shocking character returns, new character arrivals, reunions, and action that rivals blockbuster movies.

On last week’s episode of the Walking Dead, Michonne teamed up with Rick to help the group  get back Glenn and Maggie. Milton and Andrea carried out a research experiment to try and understand a walker’s unconscious mind(the results are disappointing).Glenn and Maggie fail to hold out against the interrogations and intimidation of The Governor and Merle. They tell The Governor the location of the group’s camp and it’s members.

This revelation forces The Governor to keep secret; his torture of Glen and Maggie. The question is how long can he lie behind Andrea’s back? His vested romantic interest with Andrea lies on the verge of destruction. Rick and the group are planning on infiltrating the town and if Andrea finds out it’s most likely all but over for their relationship.

Spoiler Warning:

Rick and the group manage to sneak into the town but quickly, the town’s people start getting suspicious. A man walks into where they are hiding. They silence him and render him unconscious before he can alert the town.  This leaves them no closer to finding Glen and Maggie. Thankfully, just when they are out of ideas, a shot rings out revealing the way for them. The shot has come from Maggie and Glen’s failed attempt at trying to escape. Maggie manages to take out one of Merle’s men and gets a weapon off him but she is blindsided by another gunman behind her.

They follow the source of the gunshot and find that Glen and Maggie are being held captive. They proceed to pop flash and smoke grenades and retrieve Maggie and Glen from the  Merle and his stunned men. A shootout ensues as they escape from the building. Glen is hurt badly but straggles along the best he can with the group. Andrea, not wanting to take the sidelines in an attack, volunteers herself. The Governor turns her down and tries to pawn her off on a petty job of going house to house and calming down town residents.

Glenn and Maggie tell Daryl that Merle is alive and responsible for torturing them. Regardless, Daryl makes a stand on seeing his brother. Afterall, they are blood and he hasn’t seen him in ages. Daryl thought he was as good as dead when they left him on the roof. Rick convinces him that the group is too weak to get back on their own. He tells Daryl that he can come back at a later time. Daryl agrees for the time being.

They take the fight back to the street. Andrea ignores The Governor’s orders and helps the town defend themselves  She shoots at Oscar not knowing who he is . She is convinced by The Governor that they are just escaped prisoners. The longer they stay there; the worse their odds become of getting out successfully.  In the midst of the firefight, Rick sees a familiar figure appear from the smoke. It’s Shane! Before Rick can take it all in, Shane shoots and kills Oscar. Rick shoots Shane in the head and goes to check the body. It turns out to be just a hallucination.

I hope that Rick isn’t reverting back to his unstable self. Rick’s sanity might be questionable at this point. After the death of Lori, nothing has been the same for him. Many viewers can only think back on the episode where he had a conversation with Lori on the phone. Thankfully, Rick had the baby to help him through that hard time.

Back at the prison, Carl hears screams in the halls. It’s coming from a new group of survivors who escaped from the the forest. They didn’t escape unscathed though. One of them was bitten. They are led by a hammer-wielding man by the name of Tyrese. When Carl comes upon them, they are fighting off a group of zombies. They seem surprised to see a little boy come to their rescue. He leads them back to the safety of their cell block. He than decides to separate them from the group for the time being by locking them in a section of their cell block.

Around the same time, Michonne discovers The Governor’s daughter. She soon figures out that she isn’t human anymore and is ready to kill her. The Governor catches her in the act and pleads for her to spare his daughter. Michonne is hesitant but her strong stance against walkers leads to her killing his daughter. All the time invested in research that he and Milton went through was for nothing. He could never bring back his daughter now. I felt sorry for him despite his shortcomings. Michonne and him, get in a physical fight where Michonne barely escapes. She is confronted by Andrea in a standoff but Andrea let’s her go despite her anger.

Michonne meets back up with the group. They lost Daryl during the escape.  They don’t like the fact that she snuck off on them but they need her if they stand a chance getting back Daryl and getting back home. Daryl’s not in a good place right now. In his anger , The Governor has gathered the townspeople and has turned his back on Merle; Blaming him for bringing the outsiders to the town. He places Daryl and Merle, in the gladiator pit to decide their fate. It’s not quite the reunion that either of them were expecting.

Review Score: 9.7/10 (Television At It’s Finest)

Extra Rant: Little Carl has sure have matured since the first season of The Walking Dead. What’s not to like about the little bastard who not only is a good shot but has a good head on his shoulders. He picked up the responsibility of  leading in the  absence of his father. My favorite little man is doing big things.

‘Life of Pi’ Review


Once in awhile a movie comes along and makes me appreciate cinema again. I usually don’t give into or condone the purchasing of 3-D tickets, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say, it actually makes the film better. The movie is given a sense of depth and clarity with its incorporation. Cheap 3-D effects. that we usually get in blockbusters nowadays aren’t used. Its inclusion is used simply as a tool to immerse the viewer into the world. From the very opening of the movie, your eyes are greeted with mesmerizing and lush imagery.  The film should most certainly be receiving some nods for visual effects at the upcoming Oscars. For its visuals alone, the film, set itself apart from the competition and it doesn’t hurt that it contains a magical and awe inspiring script to boot.

The film was adapted from a short story by Yann Martel. It covers the remarkable and spiritual story of survival of an of an Indian boy named Piscine Patel. Pi  is castaway at sea and is forced to live on a small life boat with a Bengal Tiger. The film covers religious themes but in such away that it isn’t agitating or forcing its way on the viewer. Just as Pi seeks out different religions; the viewer is given the chance to explore them as well. I would say that these themes are actually more about Pi  being given choice, as well as, giving the film watcher a wider perspective on the subject.

The film was amazingly casted and filled by a remarkable set of international actors. One of the only faults I found in movie was the decision to have Rafe Spall play the reporter. He had some pretty flat reactions to some of the more emotional scenes in the film. The decision to have Tobey Maguire removed from the role was probably for the best. He was replaced due to his image being too much related to Spider-Man. Yet, I still wonder what he could have brought to the table.  After seeing him receive a nomination for best actor in a motion picture drama for his performance in ‘Brothers’.  He definitely has shown, in my opinion, that he is willing to prove he can play more diverse characters then what has come to be expected of him.

Ang  Lee truly found a needle in a haystack. The leading role of the film is played by Surah Sharma. Not only is this Sharma’s first role in a major film but Sharma has no previous acting experience before this. Ang Lee chose him over about three thousand other candidates, for mostly his looks, but Sharma has provided a great performance for his Hollywood debut.

The real praise, however, should go to the visual effects team at  Rhythm and Hues Studios for creating one of the most believable and life-life characters ever to be brought to life; Richard Parker. Your given the opportunity to forgot that he is fictional. Even the slightest movements of Richard Parker contain subtleties that give the beast personality. The most unexpected and unique bond is brought to life on screen between Richard Parker and Pi. With all the hard work put into Richard Parker; we are actually inclined to believe that all of this. somehow might be possible.

The movie follows a pretty basic formula. Pi’s childhood is explored, he is given a romantic interest, and an obstacle he must overcome. He overcomes his obstacle but there is no definitive moment of catharsis for his character. Instead we are given an enigmatic ending  that is neither happy or sad. The moviegoer gets to decide for himself what they want to believe. This idea of story telling is very powerful and I want to praise Ang Lee for his courage in taking this film on that route of imaginative narrative. You aren’t just simply watching the movie. You have created a relationship with the author of the story. You are required to come into understanding on the material presented to you on your own accord.

Life of Pi pulls you in, breaks your heart, and leaves you to decide how to put all the pieces of the story’s puzzle back together again.

Review Score: 9.5/10 (Beautiful Film)

Boardwalk Empire: ‘Two Imposters’ Review

With only one episode remaining before the season finale, the show creates one of the most compelling episodes to date. With all the things that happened this episode. I reckon it could have made for an excellent season finale. Last week’s episode we saw Mr. Sleater’s and Margaret’s relationship come to a heartbreaking conclusion. Masseria is informed of the happenings of Nucky’s attempt to move on him by Lucky and Lansky and reacts accordingly. The episode starts off only hours after Nucky’s receival of Masseria’s suprise delivery.

This episode of Boardwalk Empire was a roller coaster ride. There should be nary a complaint of Boardwalk being too slow this episode. Only minutes in and pure unadulterated mayhem ensues. The show begins with us learning of Margaret and the kids departure on a bus out of town. Thank god, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be here for this one. Nucky seems to have gotten all his bridges burned by Arnold Rothstein and is left to fend for himself.

With no allies in sight, he attempts to hold up in the Ritz anticipating Masseria’s men. He places several guard men throughout his household for protection. Nucky question’s Eddie on his knowledge of Margaret’s affair. He determines that something was going on between the two after her psychotic reaction to “the box” last episode. Nucky usually comes across as a heartless womanizer and not so often, a helpless romantic; but now he has finally gotten a taste of what it feels like to be betrayed by the ones he loves.

Eddie attempts to contact Eli but the phone isn’t working; a sure-fire sign that the shit is about to hit the fan.  Jimmy Darmody once told Nucky “You can’t be half a gangster”.  This theme is something we have been seeing several times throughout the season. Everything comes to a boil and Nucky is left holding the bag in one of the most intense and heart pounding scene of the episode.(Yes, there is more then one) For whatever reasons people seem to dislike Nucky for his character flaws; you have to give him some respect for his ability to hold his own.

The loyalty of Nucky’s men are definitely in question here. Money can’t buy you everything and that certainly shows. On one side we have Nucky who can’t keep a couple of men posted in his home.On the other hand we have  Chalky, who has all his men to resist $25,000 to turn Nucky in; and all out of respect for their boss. The best type of loyalty comes from respect and fear. Nucky gains loyalty through other means but I’m certain he will be changing his stance on the subject sooner rather then later.

Eddie is injured in the shootout and Nucky attempts to seek medical attention for him at the hospital. The hospital head stares at him blankly in fear, Of course, Rosetti already has Masseria’s men waiting at the hospital. More bullets fly and Nucky hightails it out of there with Chalky White as his next destination.

Meanwhile, Gyp Rosetti walks freely among the Ritz. He sure has come a long way. The last time the short tempered character was at the Ritz, he was only a guest, throwing out vicious albeit hilarious insults. Now he owns the place and his putting his feet up in Nucky’s office accordingly. He is at last reunited with the dog he imparted to the Thompsons but doesn’t see the Ritz as a suitable base.

In New York, Lucky Luciano attempts to get cash for heroine from a suspicious buyer. This endeavor doesn’t turn out out good for Lucky. He is warned by his partner Meyer but he goes ahead with the deal anyway. I always liked Lucky’s character but he never really got  a chance to thrive. He’s been under so much pressure and always has to kick up to someone. The deal goes sour with the revelation that the buyers were cops.

Gillian continues to treat Richard like he doesn’t deserve happiness. She warns him to be careful of dreams that  couldn’t possible come true. His deformity has always held him back from happiness. Richard is one of my favorite characters on the show because he has such a pure soul regardless of the things he has done. The essence of his character isn’t tainted. There is always reasoning behind his actions.

Richard has been a notable figure in Tommy’s life and I could definitely see him playing the role of his father. Well ,just about anything would be better then living with Gillian at the brothel. That certainly isn’t the best environment and Richard wants to separate him from it. In a way, Tommy, gives meaning to Richard’s life. They both are looking out for each other now.  Now that he has Julia; he has someone to share his life with. Julia’s ability to look past his ailment shows true character. She sees him for more than what is visible on the surface. I really want things to end well for these two; their relationship tugs on the  heart chords.

The last time Nucky and Chalky White met, Chalky’s  proposal to open a black run club on the Boardwalk was rejected by Nucky. It was hard to tell if Nucky was being selfish or really had too much on his plate at the moment to even give his proposal consideration. After the events unfolded this Episode, it seems like Chalky’s dream will be coming to fruition.

Nucky  is hoping for an army in Chalky’s men but Chalky isn’t a character who easily forgives. Chalky won’t give him his men but he will  give him the opportunity to get the hell out of dodge, while he still has the chance. Nucky owes Chalky big time. He gives Nucky refuge and gets Eddie treatment for his gunshot wound. If you don’t love Eddie then I think you should check if you have a heart. The guy is loyal like a pup. I would be devastated to see his character go. For all the crap Nucky gives him he never complains. He doesn’t get professional medical care but he gets the next best thing; a medical student that was intended to marry Chalky’s daughter.

Eddie goes off into and drunken,feverish, and mostly German speech which I believe eventually inspired Nucky to stay and fight. This scene and similar ones are the reason why I love Boardwalk empire. We are given the chance to examine characters from whole new perspectives; even the servant is a multi dimensional character.

Rosetti establishes a new base of operations at the Artemis Club and Gillian gives in reluctantly. She doesn’t really have much choice. I can see this being the breaking point for her character. She can’t really take much more stress after the death of her son. She is losing control right from underneath her. She finds one of Masseria’s men fornicating in the lounge and she wails on him. She doesn’t have much to call her own. She is pretty much a broken person and despite it being a whore house she will hold on to it. She continues to try to uphold its reputation as a classy joint for her own reasons.

On Nucky’s ride out of town with Chalky, they are stopped by Masseria’s men. Chalky doesn’t give up Nucky but sees that by his actions he is in far too deep to go back now. Him and Nucky are a team now and Nucky is determined to take back what is his. Yet, they aren’t in this fight alone. Eli has made a deal with an unlikely ally…

This penultimate episode will be hard to top. I’m itching with anticipation. What will Richard do with his armory of weapons? All signs are pointing to him going on a bloody vindictive rampage at The Artemis Club. If he were to do this, I couldn’t see him surviving the ordeal unscathed. My only hope is that Gyp comes down in a epic hail of bullets along with him.

Review Score: 10/10 (Masterpiece)

Homeland: ‘Two Hats’ Review

On last week’s episode of Homeland, Brody almost blew the whole operation with Roya Hammad. The pressures of being a spy  caused his will to crumble. After Carrie helped him regather himself, he was captured and taken to an unknown location by Roya Hammad.

With the disappearance of Brody, Carrie pushes to make a move on Roya Hammad. She does this under the assumption that he has been killed in action or has been turned. If he’s in fact dead or has been turned that would be the easiest route because they can make a move on Roya Hammad. The other alternative is that Brody is alive and hasn’t been turned. If that is the case and they do make a move on Roya; Brody’s cover will be exposed and he’s a dead man.

This tough decision that Carrie has to make leaves her quite shaken. Thankfully, Brody calls before they can make a move on Roya. He ask for the help of the CIA to put his family in protective custody. Saul and the team see this as a good sign because if he’s trying to protect his family than he’s still playing ball with the CIA.

Upon Brody’s capture he is not tortured but rather held with the idea that he will be tortured. Fearlessly, Brody faces this test by Abu Nazir without faltering. Abu Nazir’s attack on U.S soil is revealed to Brody. The attack is to take place at a troop homecoming event. This event would be welcoming over 300 soldiers coming home from war. If an attack were to take place at this event the results would be catastrophic. Roya Hammad would be helming the attack as a news reporter.

There is one detail that Brody does not tell the CIA about his meeting with Abu Nazir. During their conversation with  Brody, he has a flashback of praying with Abu Nazir. This is triggered when he is asked if there is any other details that he can tell them about their meeting. It’s suspicious that  he declines to reveal that segment.

It’s sad if  he feels shame for being a muslim. A man shouldn’t feel shame for practicing a religion. The other possibility is that the flashback was much more than what was showed on the surface. It could have been Brody was sharing an intimate moment with Abu Nazir and there is more that he is hiding. Saul shares his reservation with Quinn on Brody. Quinn believes Carrie should be more cautious with Brody.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer as the series goes on that Carrie’s feeling for Brody are becoming stronger. This romance is at times awkwardly inappropiate. It makes me not respect Carrie’s character at times and takes away the believability of the show. This romance isn’t the only one happening on the show.

With Brody gone, Jessica and the family are moved to a new home for protective custody. It seems like everyone in the family is turning their backs on Brody. Mike Faber and Jessica lose themselves to temptation and sleep together. It’s hard to feel angry at her when you know that Brody is also being adulterous with Carrie. It helps that Mike has been a really good role model for Chris and Dana.

Carrie’s earlier doubt’s of Quinn’s credentials reveal themself in this episode.  Saul uncovers the fact that Quin’s clearance is way higher than needed for his team. When he brings it up with Estes later on he brushes it off on the fact that everyone is on the same team. Frustrated, Saul let’s it be for the time being. He can’t be sidetracked when they are setting up Roya Hammad for a trap.

After confirming that Roya’s camera crew are transferring the bomb they stop Roya’s plan. Unfortunately, when the smoke clears ; they still don’t have Abu Nazir. In a turn of events it seems that Brody is a truly expendable man. Quinn and Estes planned to eliminate him If Abu Nazir was caught.

With Brody’s cover officially blown, the next episode of Homeland seems to be very promising. Hopefully now, Brody will finally be able to break the hold that Abu has over him.

Review Score: 8.4/10