Twin Peaks (Season 1 & 2) : Review

You go into Twin Peaks expecting weirdness but nothing prepares you for the  downright absurdity that unravels. Twin Peaks takes everything you expect out of a normal television program and turns it on its head. This show is heralded by its community of cult followers and shunned by many critics. Of course, Twin Peaks probably deserves some of these polarizing opinions. Yet no one could have anticipated the scope of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s vision.

Twin Peaks is a show with an ever expanding universe that encapsulates film, books, and even the auditory medium with it’s Grammy nominated “Diane…” tapes. I won’t even get started on how good the musical score is in Twin Peaks.  It’s not a show you can just sit down and jump into during your leisure.  Frost and Lynch make it their job to not let many details get by them in the show. Seemingly irrelevant trivialities that are overlooked by the characters in the show and the audience come back into play later on, sometimes with major implications.

This show wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Kyle MacLachlan. From the very start, in the critically acclaimed pilot, MacLachlan sets the tone for the eccentric, loving, and superbly charming Dale Cooper. His incredible portrayal of the investigating FBI agent could have held this show up on its own but he is accompanied by an ensemble cast and a list of recurring guest that are just as well acted and well cast. The story of Twin Peaks is hard to exactly summarize without it sounding practically ridiculous but the plot has symbolism and overarching themes that prevail throughout with great effect. Subplots are very much essential and well written to the point where I couldn’t wait to see what was happening at the Diner with Ed and Norma.

Some may say that Twin Peaks  is a show that is being weird for the sake of being weird but I think they should try giving it another chance. Twin peaks is a show that really proves itself every episode.  The season two finale left many things open and questions unanswered but that is all soon to change due to its impending revival. The fact that the renewal date of the show directly relates to the finale shows great promise for the continuity of the series.

I propose at least trying out Twin Peaks. I’m sure you’ll be hooked from the pilot alone and every episode wonder what exactly did you get yourself into. But god damn you won’t be able to pull yourself away. Twin Peaks is a show which is discussed and interpreted fervently by its viewers and community and you need to check it out immediately. Two Cooper thumbs way up!

Review: Arrested Development Season 4

We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for Arrested Development new season of AD on Netflix. When I first started watching the show I couldn’t wait for the things that made this series so popular. The plot of the new season of Arrested Development was extremely wide in scope and complex. Maybe a bit too complex. In the previous seasons of Arrested development. Time was extremely constrained and you could see how they  tried to fit in every possible joke or comedic twist in almost every possible moment. This made the shows  story flow very erratically but it was done in a way where you were always on your toes. The new season followed a different episode design in which every episode was done focused around a specific character. This didn’t work as well as it should have leading to so very lopsided favoritism on my part for certain characters.

Focusing on one character is fine and dandy in trying to catch up the viewer to what has happened since the last season but it also brought to light that some characters just aren’t that funny on their own. What made AD so funny previously was the crazy interactions of every family member to each other. The story was very clever and intricate but ended in a very anticlimactic manner. Hurwitz might have done this to leave open the possibility for the AD film he always wanted to do. This season was definitely funny and certain characters still retain their charm and appeal. Michael, George Michael, Gob, Lucille 2, and George Oscar Bluth were my favorites but the other characters left me wanting more out of them. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably can’t resist watching the new season. I suggest doing it in moderation and not binging. The tempo of the show has slowed down and has allowed for some interesting changes to it’s form of comedy but the basic DNA of AD is still there. Lets all hope the movie is greenlit so AD can live on!