Homeland: ‘Two Hats’ Review

On last week’s episode of Homeland, Brody almost blew the whole operation with Roya Hammad. The pressures of being a spy  caused his will to crumble. After Carrie helped him regather himself, he was captured and taken to an unknown location by Roya Hammad.

With the disappearance of Brody, Carrie pushes to make a move on Roya Hammad. She does this under the assumption that he has been killed in action or has been turned. If he’s in fact dead or has been turned that would be the easiest route because they can make a move on Roya Hammad. The other alternative is that Brody is alive and hasn’t been turned. If that is the case and they do make a move on Roya; Brody’s cover will be exposed and he’s a dead man.

This tough decision that Carrie has to make leaves her quite shaken. Thankfully, Brody calls before they can make a move on Roya. He ask for the help of the CIA to put his family in protective custody. Saul and the team see this as a good sign because if he’s trying to protect his family than he’s still playing ball with the CIA.

Upon Brody’s capture he is not tortured but rather held with the idea that he will be tortured. Fearlessly, Brody faces this test by Abu Nazir without faltering. Abu Nazir’s attack on U.S soil is revealed to Brody. The attack is to take place at a troop homecoming event. This event would be welcoming over 300 soldiers coming home from war. If an attack were to take place at this event the results would be catastrophic. Roya Hammad would be helming the attack as a news reporter.

There is one detail that Brody does not tell the CIA about his meeting with Abu Nazir. During their conversation with  Brody, he has a flashback of praying with Abu Nazir. This is triggered when he is asked if there is any other details that he can tell them about their meeting. It’s suspicious that  he declines to reveal that segment.

It’s sad if  he feels shame for being a muslim. A man shouldn’t feel shame for practicing a religion. The other possibility is that the flashback was much more than what was showed on the surface. It could have been Brody was sharing an intimate moment with Abu Nazir and there is more that he is hiding. Saul shares his reservation with Quinn on Brody. Quinn believes Carrie should be more cautious with Brody.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer as the series goes on that Carrie’s feeling for Brody are becoming stronger. This romance is at times awkwardly inappropiate. It makes me not respect Carrie’s character at times and takes away the believability of the show. This romance isn’t the only one happening on the show.

With Brody gone, Jessica and the family are moved to a new home for protective custody. It seems like everyone in the family is turning their backs on Brody. Mike Faber and Jessica lose themselves to temptation and sleep together. It’s hard to feel angry at her when you know that Brody is also being adulterous with Carrie. It helps that Mike has been a really good role model for Chris and Dana.

Carrie’s earlier doubt’s of Quinn’s credentials reveal themself in this episode.  Saul uncovers the fact that Quin’s clearance is way higher than needed for his team. When he brings it up with Estes later on he brushes it off on the fact that everyone is on the same team. Frustrated, Saul let’s it be for the time being. He can’t be sidetracked when they are setting up Roya Hammad for a trap.

After confirming that Roya’s camera crew are transferring the bomb they stop Roya’s plan. Unfortunately, when the smoke clears ; they still don’t have Abu Nazir. In a turn of events it seems that Brody is a truly expendable man. Quinn and Estes planned to eliminate him If Abu Nazir was caught.

With Brody’s cover officially blown, the next episode of Homeland seems to be very promising. Hopefully now, Brody will finally be able to break the hold that Abu has over him.

Review Score: 8.4/10

Homeland: ‘Fly Away’ Review

This week’s episode of Homeland delved into the guilt felt by Dana about the hit and run that she took part of. In her time of turmoil, she turned to Mike for help.  Earlier on in the series, I had a small  dislike for Mike’s character. He has begun to grow on me now though.  He seems to genuinely care about the family and misses them. Hopefully there is a place for him in the family, sometime in the future. When I say that, I don’t  necessarily mean as a love interest with Dana’s mother. Fatherly figure seems more suitable for him, after all he has done for Jessica.

Meanwhile, it seems that all the lies and deception in Sgt. Brody’s life is finally taking a toll on him . His life as a double agent has forced him to make hard decisions that leaves his daughter angry with him. When his wife Jessica confronts him about lying about Carrie being out of the CIA, it can only get worse. All this pressure is causing him to lose his will to continue. I feel sorry for the guy. His family is falling apart despite his best intentions.

Because of these feeling, Brody ruins his meet up with Roya Hammad. If only it was that easy. If only he could walk away. But It isn’t that easy. The C.I.A needs him and without Brody as an asset, he’ll probably be spending some time in Guantanamo Bay(A thought he considers to be not all that bad if he can just stop all the lies). Still, the cogs turn and Carrie is still in play. After all, a threat is imminent. Carrie takes matters into her own and takes Brody off the radar. She convinces him that all his sins will be forgiven if he becomes this hero, who stops this attack on the U.S . Even the sins, against her she tells him will be forgiven.  All this eventually leads to them making sweet,sweet, love which is hilariously and masterfully cut into Saul and Quinn listening in.

It’s hard to tell whether Carrie is getting too attached with Brody, or if she is just doing it for the job. Saul shows his disapproval and asks her about it but she shoves it off as just being part of the job. Time will only tell how genuine Carrie’s feeling are towards Brody. Meanwhile, Brody sets up another  meeting with Roya Hammmad. Roya drives Brody out to the middle of nowhere and in a change of events her and the man from the Gettysburg massacre drags him out to a grass field where a helicopter is in the wait. It takes Brody off the radar for good. But unfortunately, this time he isn’t off the radar in the safe hands of the C.I.A. He’s now off the radar, in the hands of Abu Nazir.

I predict we will see in the next episodes of Homeland, whether Abu Nazir still has an effect on Brody. Will his memories of Issa, take him back to the other side? Only time will tell. I for one am looking forward to a conflicted Brody who can’t see right from wrong.

Review Score: ★★★★½