‘The Evil Dead’ (1981) Review

In preparation for the Evil Dead remake, we take a look back at the original cult classic. A movie centered around a seemingly normal vacation to a a cabin in the woods, This film has been considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time and skyrocketed Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell to stardom.

This film is one of the most gruesome and gory films I’ve ever seen. Yes,  in a industry overrun by movies such as Saw and Hostel, this movie still happens to make me cringe, even thirty years after its release. The down right lack of ability of the newcomer actors didn’t hinder my enjoyment of this film in the least.

Most films in this genre nowadays take things much to serious and end up failing in being believable. Where this movie succeeds is in its ability not to take itself so seriously. Some of my favorite scenes in this film were the reactions of the characters to the demons in the cabin. Seemingly dreadful and gruesome scenes were for some reason unknown to me hilarious at times.

Computer generated graphics only played a minor part in this film and it made for a much more authentic experience. One of the best aspects of this film comes from practical effects. Sure they might have been crude and low budget but Sam Raimi and the staff did a wonderful job. Every impaled and dismembered body part was done masterfully. The make up for the demons in the cabin was also some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Sam Raimi suffered a life long chin injury filming the final scene of the film. The dedication to the cinematography truly shows in what is considered his finest work. The camera work was unique. Close ups on characters and filming from the demons perspective built up suspense.

The Evil Dead delivered an innovative piece of cinema for its time, yet, I don’t believe Raimi could have known the sheer joy his title has caused me. I’ve felt out of the loop for this film for so long. After hearing of its dedicated following I knew I had to watch it. What a great decision that was! Now it is truly instilled in my mind as the greatest horror film of all time.

Review: 9.5/10 (A Bloody Masterpiece)



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