American Horror Story: The Replacements | Review

It’s becoming very clear why American Horror story has been getting its record ratings, since the show premiered this fall. This week’s episode has it all; incest, brutal scenes of violence, bestiality, and betrayal. Ryan Murphy is showing he isn’t afraid to tackle some controversial topics. Things are beginning to heat up in the coven as the girls are becoming more in tuned with their powers.

One of the interesting prospects of the previous episode of AHS was Cordelia’s fertility issues. Cordelia had already tried everything from natural remedies to black magic rituals. This led to Cordelia resorting to asking for help from her rival tribe. The show gave us a glimpse at the ritual she would have to perform with Tibitia- the leader the rival clan. Cinematography of the Tibitia ritual was a treat to watch.  The camera work throughout this show is unique because it is constantly changing. Overhead cameras, gold fish eyed views, close ups, slanted angles, and other dynamic camera techniques give the viewer a wide and varied perspective of whats going on.

Much like the  last season on AHS, ,  Sarah Paulson plays another troubled and struggling character. Cordelia is dealt a very bad hand and must play it out to the end. She finds herself stuck in between a feud between Tibitia and Fiona . Her goal of bearing a child is being challenged. Her performance is solid as usual. We’re looking forward to seeing more from her in the upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, Madame Lalaurie must deal with adapting with modern day society and facing her past demons. This all offers some much needed comedic relief. Since the premiere of the show there has been a drastic role reversal for her character. We’ve seen her ability to portray a sadist and now we are seeing how she can easily meld into a more tortured character.

Kyle has more air time this week. Evan Peters manages to show some emotion playing Kyle, even though he’s a mute Frankenstein. Zoe Benson must deal with the resurrection of Kyle and his emergence back into society. This proves to be quite difficult. I hope Kyle regains his humanity because the way he is now is pretty difficult to imagine where the story will leave him. Misty Day also has an appearance which is welcoming. I always smile when I see her character. I don’t know why I like her so much. I think it because she really conveys a carefree soul, even through all the things she’s been through.

Jessica Lange, is superb as usual. Too be blunt she is this show. She really takes demand of the screen. Lange takes on her character Fiona’s flaws and strengths and transforms them into an acting spectacle. Fiona battles with her mortality and becomes a surprise mentor for the ladies of the house. The episode ends on a note which will probably upset some.

Overall, this episode was supreme…(See what I did there?)


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AHS: Asylum: ‘Origins of Monstrosity’ Review


After delivering the bombshell of the identity of Bloody Face last episode; American Horror Story delivers another solid episode. My expectations were a bit high for this episode. As the title of the episode implies; this episode examines the origins of some the characters in the show.

This week we see Bloody Face and Lana spending some quality time together. B.F reveals to Lana why he does what he does; his mother or lack thereof. This plot point is pretty predictable but it makes sense. Psychologically we all are shaped by our upbringing so if you were abandoned and never touched of course you would find yourself seeking some affection.

His character not only needs affection but he needs that sense of touch. Which he was refused his whole life from the system he was forced into. So he takes the warmth and affection of people who he sees as potential mothers by force; hence the mask.

I would have preferred to see Lana being cut to bits and pieces but somehow she convinced him otherwise. She is now forced into the role of mommy. I don’t see how things can get any worse for her character; as we see her character forced to do a certain maternal deed.

I think I was disappointed in seeing Shelly(Chloe Sevigny) being written off but I see there wasn’t much else you can do with her character after her exit from the asylum the last episode. Fortunately a new character has arrived to take her place.

I look forward to seeing if the alleged demon kid is actually telling the truth or if the writers of this show have another twist up their sleeve. An emotionless killer child would also please me as well though.


  • Bloody Face’s temper problems
  • Sister Jude’s Determination to reveal Dr. Arden
  • Opening up for more storytelling in the present
  • Sister Mary grooming the young demon


  • Sam Goodwin’s fate

This episode didn’t offer any twist like last episode but still offered ample entertainment through character interactions and flashbacks to the past and present.

Review Score: 8/10