Changes Coming to MovieandTVBuff

I think the previous way I went about having this site running was a bit too strict. I focused too much on the site being an actual authentic review site and less on just writing my own opinions. The review process can be a  kind of a black hole of sorts. You waste a large portion of your time thinking of things to say that sound professional without actually saying anything at all. So from this point forward I’m going to write my reviews/thoughts in a more bloggish or casual manner. Hopefully this new way of making post on here will encourage me to write more and get less burnt out in the long run. I love all types of media so I’ll still stay focused on what I enjoy; videogames, movies, and TV shows. Starting now it will be a lot more laid back and with much less word count.I think that’s a good thing too. No one wants to read a block of text. That’s all for now guys. will be back shortly.

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